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Hummer (General Motors)

Wednesday, 5 April 2006; 16:14

I provide General Motors’ Hummer site as stark contrast to its FindYourStyle site, and to illustrate my position regarding GM’s very disjointed online marketing. First, where is the sound in the video clips? Second, although works perfectly with all my browsers, the Hummer sight is fatally broken on some pages. For example, the 360-degree views do not always load. Any interactive component is minimal at best. In other words, unless I have already decided to purchase a Hummer (not ever!), there is nothing at this GM site to make me think twice. Does the left-hand even know there is a right-hand at General Motors?

Strawberry Frog

Wednesday, 5 April 2006; 15:03

After catching the [gentle] ire of a few viewers for not posting regularly as of late, I have made a promise to keep everyone happy by being more attentive. Thanks for letting me know you are paying attention. And, I promised something special. I hope this meets your expectations.

Flying the frog flag, Strawberry Frog terms itself your friendly neighborhood advertising agency. And with its worldwide presence, it is likely fairly nearby and they do produce some of the best advertising I have seen. Clients include Heineken, Gas Jeans, Old Navy, MTV, Elle, Komen, Global Warming, and quite a range of others. I especially like their explanations of each ad’s goals and/or objectives. ‘Tis most educational — and fun.

I must admit these guys and gals get it right, especially with their FishGutter ad for Asics. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to Asics to FishGutter. Click on the image to view the video clip.) One of the most formidable challenges facing any advertisement is cutting through all of the clutter, and FishGutter cuts all the way through to the quick. I assure you FishGutter is like few ads you have seen. I am still laughing.

I next call your attention to a much shorter production, Air Pollution Affects Us All for the Singapore Environment Council, that is again very different in its own right, but gets the message across to viewers. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to SEC. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

After that, turn your attention to You for Pharmacia Upjohn. Again, do take time to read Strawberry Frog’s rationale for the advertisement. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to PharmaciaUpjohn. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

Follow likewise to view ads for Komen, Old Navy (Pick Up, Cord Farm) , IKEA (GoCubic), Boomer Coalition, Mitsubishi (Grandis, Colt, EvoIII, Outlander, WRC), Asics (Hero Breath, Kill Bill), and Heineken (Shopping). (Quite a range, eh?)

We then learn about an individual [heroine?] named Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma. Targeted toward MTV’s audience of teenagers, no words are spoken, but the advertisement speaks volumes. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to MTV. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

And last, although it is not multimedia, take time to read Strawberry Frog’s philosophy at frogism. If ever I need advertising that is different, entertaining, and superb — for the internet and/or traditional media outlets — I am definitely calling Strawberry Frog! Given the range of their campaigns, it is clear that Strawberry Frog has never heard the words “cookie cutter.”

M Ship Company (The Stiletto)

Wednesday, 29 March 2006; 19:00

M Ship Co. is a maritime design firm currently producing some of the world’s most unique, well-designed, and hi-tech boats — all based on its innovative M-hull technology. The firm produces boats for uses ranging from peaceful sailing on placid lakes to the stealthy military-intended Stiletto. (Note: The video is a news broadcast archived by M Ship Co. at its web site.)

M Ship Stiletto

“Earth From Above” (Fuji Film)

Tuesday, 21 March 2006; 20:33

Sponsored by Fuji Film and photographed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth From Above gracefully transports viewers to some of the world’s most interesting places. Enjoy the stunning photographs and soothing soundtrack.

Ecomagination (GE)

Wednesday, 15 March 2006; 14:11

We revisit General Electric to have a look at its Ecomagination site. GE launched Ecomagination to showcase its “environmental technologies.” It is a very rich site with lots to see. Be certain to move your cursor around and click as not to miss anything.

From there, plant a seed and watch it grow at Seeds of Imagination. (It’s really quite neat.)

Elsewhere you can view several forms of GE’s ads, all designed to drive home GE’s commitment to its Ecomagination initiative. Included are television ads, online ads, print ads, and games.

And last, but not least, is Ecomagination for Kids. There they will meet Dr. I. M. Brainy and find several interesting science and learning projects. (I have noticed that the very best online marketing often does not leave out the kids. Cool. But, that is one of the interesting aspects on media-rich online marketing — appealing to multiple audiences or target markets very easily, and relatively cheaply.)

Distillery Proof Rating = 10!

Toyota – Hybrid Synergy Drive; 2007 Yaris Hybrid Car

Wednesday, 8 March 2006; 9:41

Toyota, one of the first automobile manufacturers to offer more environment-friendly hybrid vehicles, gives us a closer look at its Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Also have a good look at Toyota’s newest (but not yet available) hybrid vehicle, the 2007 Yaris.

Distillery Proof Rating = ??

“Deep Sea 3-D” (IMAX)

Sunday, 5 March 2006; 11:27

Granted, anything seen on your computer monitor is a far cry from an actual IMAX movie, but you can at least view the trailer for IMAX’s Deep Sea 3-D.

General Motors (GM)

Thursday, 23 February 2006; 9:42

A click-through the difficult to navigate General Motors (GM) web site clearly points to an identity crisis. We see an attempt to reposition the gas-guzzling Hummer (with narration by “Govenator” Arnold Schwarzenegger) as a hydrogen-fueled environment-friendly vehicle on the one hand (as a prototype that GM states will never be produced), but a focus on E85 ethanol-based fuel to help reduce America’s “addiction to oil” on the other. In fact, GM’s ratio of fuel-hungry SUVs and muscle-cars to more fuel-efficient automobiles is greater than two-to-one. With gasoline prices rising to record levels and an out-dated product line, it is no wonder GM will soon file for bankruptcy.

There is also a striking contrast in GM’s awareness of the current seller-to-buyer marketing communications environment versus that of companies like BMW and Porche. The multimedia advertising by GM is both often very well-hidden within its many seemingly disparate sites and also bears the appearances of design by high-school interns instead of professional advertising agencies. The majority of GM’s online ads present [often static] visual images of their products, but without any sound. In other words, they are not very engaging.

Even exterior and interior views of GM’s showcase Corvette are shown with Quicktime, but without any background music or voice-over. Boring! However, the multimedia used to present GM’s European-built SAAB may be evidence that GM’s European operations “get” the internet and its power where GM’s American operations do not. Inside the SAAB multimedia presentation you will find sound, TV commercials, and even video of SAAB’s respected and feared jet fighter planes. Also go back and click “Video Tour” (upper left side of page) on the SAAB home page for additional excellent multimedia from SAAB.

But in all fairness to GM, I do appreciate its Live Green, Go Yellow FlexFuel initiative. There you will find the “Stalk Car Race” game, a “video cobcast,” and a couple of GM’s “FlexFuel” vehicle commercials. I also direct you to the GM 2006 Chicago Expo where you will find webcasts, videos, and a link to GM’s Enclave concept car. (Move your cursor to the partial analog gauge on the left side of your screen for a pop-out menu.)

Note: One of the more striking observations as one clicks through the GM web sites is a focus almost more on corn and ethanol than on GM’s car lines! Might this be the mechanism by which it hopes to survive as it attempts to retool its production line to more fuel-efficient vehicles? Well, I do not think that will work. GM will be bankrupt before this year’s corn crop is harvested in the fall of 2006.

Requirements: Flash, Quicktime