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Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs)

Thursday, 8 February 2007; 9:13

Having just launched its new site yesterday [07 Feb. 07], let’s keep our eye on Kentucky Derby 133. The site looks very promising at this early stage and it seems video will be a primary component.

Home page:  Kentucky Derby
Home page:  Churchill Downs


TV Free Burning Man (courtesy of Scobleizer)

Thursday, 31 August 2006; 9:47

Fellow blogger, Scobleizer, has a posting about the most recent Burning Man. Give his blog a visit and check out the video.

Home page: Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger
Home page: TV Free Burning Man

Buy Scobleizer’s book:

Queer TV Online

Friday, 9 June 2006; 11:01

I recall attending my first drag queen show eons ago. To say it opened my eyes (very widely!) is an understatement. And from Down Under, today The Distillery brings you QueerTV Online. It amply illustrates one of the things I like about Aussies–a typically “live and let live” attitude. After all, it’s the country/continent that brought us the outrageously (no pun intended) funny movie, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

Today, I will save you the trouble of navigating to the site in order to see its “OUTrageous” content. (Might the boss be lurking or IT snooping?) By the way, each of the following links is in MP4 format. However, Quicktime* formatted (.qt) versions are also available at the site.

Turn down the volume a tad, sit back, and watch the show(s). And, enjoy. I most certainly did. (Jeesh, how do I find this stuff? ‘Tis a puzzlement, even to the The Distillery.)

2005 Mardi Gras Party with Nikkie French
2005 Mardi Gras Party with Nikkie French

Mardi Gras Fair Day 2006
Mardi Gras Fair Day 2006

Queer TV theme song graphic
Queer TV Theme Song

Queer TV Bloopers
Queer TV Bloopers

Big Queer Nation
Big Queer Nation

Tina Arena Mardi Gras 2005
Tina Arena Mardi Gras 2005

The Pussy Cat Has Her Say
The Pussy Cat Has Her Say

(* I feel a rant coming on. Although I love Macintoshes, I am beginning to despise Quicktime just as much–and possibly more–than I do Real Player/Media. Stay tuned until I fully pull my thoughts together. Maybe it’s time for Quicktime to be “outed.” It sometimes behaves most queerly. Update: Then again, maybe it’s not Quicktime per se, but too many people who simply cannot write code very well at all.)

The Gripen Fighter Aircraft

Thursday, 1 June 2006; 12:52

The Gripen Fighter (13 MB Mpeg) is the first of the new generation, multi-role combat aircraft to enter service. Using the latest available technology it is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air and air-to-surface operational missions and employing the latest weapons. Gripen is designed to meet the demands of current and future threats, while at the same time meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs. Gripen is in service with the Swedish and Czech Republic Air Forces and has also been ordered by the South African and Hungarian Air Forces.

Gripen International is pleased to present its award-winning Gripen video Controlling the Battlefield (37 MB Mpeg). At this year’s U. S. International Film and Video Festival’s annual awards competition, the Gripen video won two Certificate for Creative Excellence awards in the ‘Audio’ and ‘Advertising, Sales, Sales Promotion and Marketing’ categories. The festival, founded in 1968, is one of the world’s leading international events devoted exclusively to the yearly selection and recognition of outstanding Business, Television, Documentary, Entertainment, Industrial, and Informational Productions. The Gripen soundtrack is sung by Yana Mangi Sundgren.

Controlling The Battlefield in Quicktime (27 MB) and Windows Media (29 MB). (Addendum: This short promotional film is as good as anything one might see from Hollywood–or, Bollywood.)

We [Gripen] are also proud to present our brand new video Controlling The Machine (48 MB Mpeg). Launched at this year’s Farnborough International Air show in the UK, this innovative and graphically stunning new product presentation, allows the viewer to get up close and personal with the Gripen fighter. Featuring a virtual guided tour of the world’s first new generation aircraft in-service by Gripen test pilot Magnus Olsson, the viewer gets to see and understand how the modern design and technology inherent in the Gripen, makes it the most advanced and effective aircraft in its class.

Controlling The Machine in Quicktime (36 MB) and Windows Media (32 MB).

Gripen Fighter 02 Gripen Fighter graphic 01

2006 Raindance Film Festival

Monday, 8 May 2006; 12:03

Having been pointed to the Fourteenth Raindance Film Festival by Diesel, let us look at the festival’s promotional trailer for 2006.

(And is it just me, or does it also seem to others that the Japanese are beginning to take over the internet with some really wonderful content?)

Raindance Festival banner

fmx/06 (Film & Media eXchange) – “Racing Beats”

Monday, 17 April 2006; 19:06

fmx/06? Hotrodding jumbo airliners (that never leave the tarmac)? First, the promotional trailer, Racing Beats.

And now, the raison e’tre…

Started twelve years ago, fmx has grown into a leading event for digital creation. And it is still growing, attracting visitors from all over Europe as well as speakers from all over the world.

fmx is a platform for Animation, Effects, Games and Postproduction where experts exchange ideas, experiences and insights with visitors who share and understand their goals and aspirations. Production companies, animation studios, effect houses, game developers and postproduction facilities present this year’s finest achievements. Users, researchers, scientists, hard- and software vendors, debate new technologies and practical application. Creators, financial backers and distributors get together, exchange ideas and pitch projects. Graduates and freelancers meet companies looking for new talent. Artists and producers, decision makers and job starters, creators, managers, distributors and people who work in TV share their knowledge and learn from each other and celebrate with each other.

fmx06 random image

48 Hour Film Project (2006 Tour)

Monday, 17 April 2006; 10:16

Could you make a film in only 48 hours? I could not, but it appears many can–or at least can try. The 6th Annual 48 Hour Film Project is a different breed of contest best explained by its trailer. But for those of you who would prefer to read:

The 48 Hour Film Project’s mission is to advance filmmaking and promote filmmakers. Through its festival/competition, the Project encourages filmmakers and would-be filmmakers to get out there and make movies. The tight deadline of 48 hours puts the focus squarely on the filmmakers—emphasizing creativity and teamwork skills. While the time limit places an unusual restriction on the filmmakers, it is also liberating by putting an emphasis on “doing” instead of “talking.”

48 Hour Film Project

MTV Overdrive (music and videos for spring break!)

Thursday, 16 March 2006; 10:51

Co-sponsored by Mountain Dew’s, MTV Overdrive is MTV’s broadband video channel. Of greatest interest to our younger viewers, especially right now during spring break, is indeed Overdrive’s video channel, Spring Break.

The initial action by the Overdrive player is to review MTV’s video hits for the current week. Very nice. However, do not be alarmed by the requests for licensing authorizations that pop up at the beginning of each music video. Permit them; they cost nothing. Just click Yes and Play when presented the options. (Confession: I admit to very much liking Madonna.)

In addition to all of the above, the player also offers music video premieres, entertainment news, movie trailers, and a TV programming guide. The player seems very well-designed and worked perfectly during my visits. (Another first in The Distillery’s searches. There is even an optional survey for user feedback about their experiences with the player.) Kudos to MTV Overdrive. Music lovers, younger and older, could find themselves spending a great deal of time having fun at MTV Overdrive.

Distillery Proof Rating = 10!

Southwest Airlines Gasparilla Pirate Fest (by

Thursday, 16 February 2006; 21:01 presents a flash demonstration developed for the Southwest Airlines Gasparilla Pirate Fest.

Requirements: Macromedia Flash