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Winnie the Pooh (Disney)

Monday, 12 February 2007; 9:44

Although everything Disney is just one big advertisement directed toward children, The Distillery cannot deny any child (or adult) Winnie the Pooh.

Home page:  Winnie the Pooh
Home page: Disney (redesigned site)


Catch of the Day (08.02.2007)

Thursday, 8 February 2007; 15:37

G.I. Joe (Monkeybar TV)

Thursday, 8 February 2007; 10:03

This one is not only for boys still in their childhood, but also grown men who have never outgrown their G.I. Joe action figures. (Girls, you had Barbie and it was a doll.) And, it is a counterpoint to the ever-popular also found here at The Distillery.

The G.I. Joe site is quite impressive. There are games and online cartoons. Also found are comic books, wallpapers, and the now oft’seen TV commercials placed online. However, the latter are not used as the site’s primary content as is seen all too frequently. Kudos to Hasbro’s Monkeybar TV and G.I. Joe for a site well done. (Okay little and big boys alike, let’s play!)

Home page:  G.I. Joe
Cartoons:  G.I. Joe
Home page:  Monkeybar TV

Quite the big gun you have there, Joe.

Catch of the Day (07.02.2007)

Wednesday, 7 February 2007; 9:03

Mack Trucks

Tuesday, 6 February 2007; 8:55

Whoa! Talk about surprises. The Distillery was caught totally offguard by Mack Trucks. Pinball. Crossword puzzles. Yes, those and Bulldog Reality TV, too. Oh, and let us not overlook Mack Kids Corner. Not bad for a load of truckers, eh?

Home page:  Mack Trucks


Club Penquin

Monday, 5 February 2007; 9:49

Club Penquin is not Second Life, but then it is for kids. (By the way, any other Second Lifers here?) Enjoy a charming place for your kids to visit, play, and learn how to use the internet. Membership and parental approval required.

Home page:  Club Penquin



Wednesday, 10 January 2007; 18:35

There is something very wrong, and possibly a little evil (and definitely indicative of cluelessness) in advertising when the only multimedia content at a corporate web site (i.e., KFC) is targeted toward kids. Shame on you Col. Sanders.

(And that’s all I have to say about that. ~Forrest Gump)

Home page:  KFC


Motorola & (Product) Red

Monday, 8 January 2007; 8:52

Chris Rock. Sheryl Crow. Charlie Sheen. Molly Sims. Kayne West. Chris Kattan. That’s quite the expensive line-up of spokespersons. However, The Distillery is guessing these individuals participating in Motorola’s (Product) Red campaign either donated their time or charged exceptionally little for it. (Could Bono have been involved in the negotiations?) 

Each of the above individuals, including Bono, are participating in a global campaign, with sponsorship by Motorola, to increase awareness and funding for HIV and AIDS–especially in Africa where the daily deaths of thousands of parents are leaving thousands and thousands of orphan children. And quite frankly, The Distillery is impressed. Motorola seems to have gone the extra mile to provide an entire line of red products to call attention to the HIV/AIDS problem.

Even more, the firm has “borrowed” the YouTube model to present each celebrity’s statement with a “videowall.” Beyond that, it appears there is even space reserved for you. You are encouraged to create your own video and upload it, possibly for inclusion with additional videos by other consumers, Nelson Mandela, Amerie, and 50 Cent. Nice job, Motorola. It is really nice to see capitalism and corporations need not exclude a large measure of compassion.

Home page: Motorola & (Product) Red

Gerber 300 (revisited)

Monday, 16 October 2006; 9:45

Addendum (17 Oct 06):  Sometime and somewhere last night, “Gerber 300” was born. SippinWhisky’s Distillery offers a heartfelt congratulations to “No. 300,000,000” and her/his mom and dad.  (BTW, current U.S.A. population = 300,001,857…and counting.)

A reminder (16 Oct 06):  Sometime very soon, America’s population will reach 300,000,000 with the birth of an October 2006 newborn. Gerber 300 has something very special in store for that baby. Check in at the original posting for readers’ comments–and even a comment from a Gerber employee.

Home page:  Gerber 300

Gerber baby face graphic

Eveready (

Wednesday, 23 August 2006; 14:45

First, the bunny has been found in its proper place at It must be an evil albino twin which has gone over to the dark side at Duracell. Also found is a firm clearly more aware of its markets and potential customers, and the internet.

One of the first things noticed are contests which are easy to enter. There’s no chasing an animated gif. In fact, the user is given complete navigation control. With only that, Eveready is obviously less clueless than one of its major competitors. In fact, this single page at reflects almost all that is missing at one of its competitor’s sites. (Note: We’re not mentioning any names.)

In addition, one will find a learning center with advice for emergencies, projects for kids, and [silent] demonstrations of how batteries are made and work. But best of all, we find multimedia content. Granted, it appears to be rehashed TV ads, but we’ve always enjoyed those Energizer Bunny ads, haven’t we? And, The Distillery will give a few points for the Hispanic-targeted ads. (Note: The “Runner” ad can also easily service the locale it presents. In less developed countries without widespread and modern utility infrastructures, batteries are the primary source of power.)

However, this is the internet and 30 seconds cannot be more than .03 nanoseconds in internet time. Where is the 2-5 minute engaging online promotion? Is this it? Or is it this pitch for a flashlight? No, each of those is only 1.5 minutes long and pretty much all else to be found. Close, but no cigar. So although Eveready’s online presence is better than at least one of its competitors, it appears the battery industry isn’t that charged-up about the internet just yet.

Home page:

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Monday, 21 August 2006; 21:32

One day soon, The Distillery will give the closer look it deserves, but do not let the insufficient attention stem your own curiosity to explore. ArtsPass bills itself as The Leading Online Arts and Entertainment Video on Demand Network. Let’s start with this 34-minute interview with Ringmaster Chuck Wagner and Boss Clown Scott O’Donnell of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. You will find out why the world’s most famous three-ring circus now has only a single ring for the entire show.

The Distillery strongly suggests that you browse through the ArtsPass Library, where your kids will find the animated Adventures of Stowaway, the kitty cat. That’s only for starters. You will also discover videos ranging in subject from Mary Cassatt, the American painter, to inner-city farmers. Enjoy.

Home page: ArtsPass

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“Conjoined at the Head” & “Joined for Life” ( & Figure 8 Films)

Tuesday, 8 August 2006; 16:05

The only time we will be separated is upon our death. ~Lori and Dori Schappell

My college buddy, the man behind and Figure 8 Films, and the producer of Jackie’s Story, now brings us Conjoined at the Head and Joined for Life. (Streaming videos highlighting the programs can be found about one-quarter of the way down each page.) The following are synopses of these amazing programs about even more amazing individuals:

Conjoined at the Head:

Conjoined at the Head explores the life and death challenges faced by craniopagus conjoined twins or those connected at the head. Craniopagus conjoined twins are the rarest and possibly the most difficult to separate. We examine three such sets of twins whose lives unfold in three very different ways.

At 43, Lori and Dori Schappell from Reading, PA are the oldest living female conjoined twins in the world. They have lived their lives conjoined at the side of their heads facing opposite directions.

Joined for Life:

Abby and Brittany Hensel are eleven-year-old conjoined twins (the scientific and politically correct term for Siamese twins). They are intelligent, energetic, fun-loving girls who just happen to share one set of legs and one set of arms – each girl controlling one half of their conjoined body. In their own words, they are “just two people…stuck together.”

In addition, we have the following update about Abby and Brittany from

Conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, are now 16 and driving, in addition to anything else a typical 16 year old would be doing. No dating yet, but they sure do have a lot going on as their enter their Junior year in high school. We are spending the summer with them for a new hour that will be seen on TLC in North America and Channel Five in England. We will post updates and more about airdates and other distribution on our website – and

Update on Jackie’s Story: It has not gone unnoticed the number of people who come to The Distillery for Jackie’s Story. has informed The Distillery that Jackie very recently fell and broke both an arm and a leg. She now faces a new set of challenges.

If you wish to discuss Jackie or any other programs from and Figure 8 Films, be certain to login at the firms’ new forums. There you will find others sharing their stories and the inspiration they received from watching the productions.

And last, be certain to check out Figure 8 Films’ On The Road With 16 Children, featuring the Dugger family. From the producer:

The first Dugger show was one of the highest rated shows ever shown on the Discovery Health Channel. This Sunday, August 6th, you can see all of the Duggar shows ever shown in Prime Time on Discovery Health. (Check your local television program listings for channels and show times.)

Home page:
Home page: Conjoined at the Head
Home page: Joined for Life

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