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Budweiser Budvar (Czech Republic)

Tuesday, 8 August 2006; 11:52

Budweiser, again? Yes, but this time it is the real Budweiser, and the firm with which Anheuser-Busch is fighting over the legal and international rights to the Budweiser name. (Give it up, Bud. It’s theirs!) From all accounts, the Budweiser beer sold in the United States is but a mere shadow of the Budweiser Budvar brand originally (and still) produced in the Czech Republic. (Might that be something like a Louisiana Po’Boy sandwich from Iceland, or sushi from equatorial Africa?)

But what about Budweiser Budvar’s marketing? Budvar clearly does not have the marketing budget of its American nemesis. However, that does not mean its advertising is the equivalent of “Advertising Lite.” The millions and millions of US dollars may not be there, but some excellent online content is. Have a look at Budvar.TV. Once inside, click on the large animated graphic at the top of the page. Revealed will be a different sort of game. (Would someone please tell us what’s going on with that? ‘Tis very much a puzzlement to The Distillery.)

We also find a few videos from around the world, some games (registration required), and quite a number of Budweiser Budvar’s television commercials. There are jokes, but The Distillery is finding it needed to be there to understand them and/or their punchlines. And last, but not least, we find Bob & Dave and their own videos. (Help! Is anybody out there that can translate any of this?)

Home page: Budweiser Budvar
Home page: Budvar.TV
Home page: Bob & Dave

Budvar beer graphic 01 Budvar beer graphic 02


Giving Lip (Budweiser)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006; 14:51

Yes, this is the third Budweiser entry today, but I promise you will not find yourself bored and yawning. This one is definitely good for a laugh.

Go ahead and play around with Budweiser’s Giving Lip. For maximum laughter, you might wish to select the pig or chimp first. However, don’t forget that you can also upload and use your own image(s).

Home page: Budweiser’s Giving Lip

Budweiser pilsner glass graphic

“American Dream” (Budweiser)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006; 11:11

Legal Advisement: The following commercial content is to be viewed only by individuals 21 years old or older.

After viewing American Dream by Budweiser, you will not doubt its nomination for an Emmy Award. This is a great commercial that may even bring tears to your eyes. It does everything right. Who would not stop and at least consider purchasing a six-pack of Budweiser after viewing it? Only the Grinch.

Something extra: Have a look at Budweiser in China. Very different, eh?

Home page: Budweiser

Clydesdales graphic 01

Earnhardts Tribute (Budweiser)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006; 10:44

Legal Advisement: The following commercial content is to be viewed only by individuals 21 years of age or older.

From dirt to pavement, B&W to high-def, mullets to… mullets, tradition rolls on. ~Budweiser

Budweiser is a tradition.* And although the demographics reading this are far from those indicative of typical Budweiser-drinking NASCAR fans, there is little doubt that the latter are also becoming American traditions. (Did I somewhere hear rumors about exporting NASCAR to Europe? Blasphemy, I say!) Also now a tradition is an Earnhardt not infrequently winning a NASCAR race. Dale, Jr. has stepped in after his father’s death, and Dale, Sr. picked up where his father, Ralph, left off. NASCAR is clearly a family tradition for the Earnhardts.

Thus the superb fit of Budweiser tradition with that of NASCAR tradition and three generations of Earnhardts. Enjoy this short video clip of the Earnhardts throughout NASCAR history graciously produced and provided by Budweiser.

Home page: Budweiser

* What is the best beer on the market? Please leave your opinions in the comments. Tomorrow I’ll tell you which beer has consistently finished in either first or second place several times during my own double-blind taste-testings. The answer is almost certain to surprise you. (This one is for you, M.M.)

Old Budweiser bottle graphic Know When To Say When graphic

Toscana Promozione TV (Italy)

Friday, 21 July 2006; 8:25

Somewhere inside me there is supposed to be the ability to somewhat translate Italian. However, it’s been a very long time since I dated the beautiful Luisa from Naples, my teacher. Therefore, and given the very little time I typically have, you’re on your own with this page of promotional videos from Toscana Promozione TV for the Tuscany region of Italy. (If you wish to cheat a bit, look here.)

Home page: Toscana Promozione

Tuscany painting graphic
radio graphic Tuscany Promotional TV banner


Wednesday, 5 July 2006; 11:04

It does not cease to amaze me that an advertisement or promotion cannot immediately be seen as boring by either its sponsoring firm or production agency. Granted, these two videos from AccuBar (AccuBar Presentation and See It In Action) are intended for a trade audience, but even trade buyers must have their attentions arrested. And although doing inventory is one of the most boring of business tasks, advertisements for inventory-assisting products need not be.

If one is going to go through the trouble of producing multimedia content and placing it online, then make it worth the viewers’ time. For example, See It In Action is a very boring 2.5 minutes of essentially nothing. As is, my guess is only 30 seconds, or sixty at the most, would better convey the message and result in greater retention instead of boring its viewers to death and having them quickly forget.

AccuBar graphic

Labatt Beer

Saturday, 10 June 2006; 8:37

Labatt beer definitely has the best music of any site yet seen here at The Distillery. I almost forgot that I was looking to make a blog entry as I sat listening. Fortunately, the music makes up for a site that although is not at particularly bad, also is not very extensive.

I will save you some potentially useful time. Click on /Beer, and especially the draught tower image to see the meager additional worthwhile content. Now, given it is Saturday, use that extra few minutes to grab a cold beer out of the fridge. Then slowly open the can or bottle, take a long deep drink and say, “Ahhh….”

Oops, I almost forgot. Let the songs play through to the end, then open your Temporary Internet Files folder and copy the MP3-formatted songs to the music folder on your hard drive. Now say thanks to Lablatt for nine nice music files.

Labatt Wildcat Strong beer graphic

Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

Wednesday, 24 May 2006; 13:13

Saatchi & Saatchi is one of the most venerable names in advertising. They both sponsor and win advertising awards. However (you expected a complete endorsement?), aside from its own web site I find the majority of their showcased past and present campaigns absolutely boring. ‘Tis no wonder one occasionally hears they have lost another creative genius who has set up shop elsewhere to do more daring work.

Among the several mediocre–but somehow award-winning–ads you will find at their web site, the following are possibly worth a few of your minutes:

Guinness Africa (Quite nice.)
China Light & Power
Lion Cereal (Very good.)
Kilroy Travels (Even better.)
Skol Beer Music Festival
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Saatchi Innovation Award key logo Saatchi Innovation Award key logo Saatchi Innovation Award key logo Saatchi Innovation Award key logo

Duke University

Friday, 5 May 2006; 11:55

While we are on the subject of Duke, and simply to aggravate no small number of opposing basketball fans, let us have a look at “What Do We Do at Duke?” (Yes, Virginia, even Duke knows to sell itself.)

Duke Chapel Cameron Crazies

And for those interested in the men’s Duke lacrosse team incident, we have video from this past Monday’s (1 May 06) news conference.

Friday, 5 May 2006; 8:32

Almost full week later than promised by Time-Warner, The Distillery is back online! (BTW, would that qualify as a DOS attack? Hmmm….)The only good thing I can say about the horrific experience is that I at least received two months free service for their incompetence. Oops, I almost forgot to thank Jamie King (Tech 90), the superb Time-Warner technician and gentleman who worked overtime to get things rolling again. And now, on with the business at hand.

Today, I bring you Wicked Lasers. No, not exactly the toy-like lasers one can buy off a store’s convenience rack, but real honest-to-goodness burn-through-things lasers.

Have a look at the light show revealed by pointing a laser at a diamond. And, what happens when one points a Wicked Laser at a water-filled balloon? Wicked Lasers have been used in commercial for a beer unknown to me, a Heineken commercial, and on the hit TV program, CSI.

Wicked Lasers logo

Spyder model laser

Strawberry Frog

Wednesday, 5 April 2006; 15:03

After catching the [gentle] ire of a few viewers for not posting regularly as of late, I have made a promise to keep everyone happy by being more attentive. Thanks for letting me know you are paying attention. And, I promised something special. I hope this meets your expectations.

Flying the frog flag, Strawberry Frog terms itself your friendly neighborhood advertising agency. And with its worldwide presence, it is likely fairly nearby and they do produce some of the best advertising I have seen. Clients include Heineken, Gas Jeans, Old Navy, MTV, Elle, Komen, Global Warming, and quite a range of others. I especially like their explanations of each ad’s goals and/or objectives. ‘Tis most educational — and fun.

I must admit these guys and gals get it right, especially with their FishGutter ad for Asics. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to Asics to FishGutter. Click on the image to view the video clip.) One of the most formidable challenges facing any advertisement is cutting through all of the clutter, and FishGutter cuts all the way through to the quick. I assure you FishGutter is like few ads you have seen. I am still laughing.

I next call your attention to a much shorter production, Air Pollution Affects Us All for the Singapore Environment Council, that is again very different in its own right, but gets the message across to viewers. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to SEC. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

After that, turn your attention to You for Pharmacia Upjohn. Again, do take time to read Strawberry Frog’s rationale for the advertisement. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to PharmaciaUpjohn. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

Follow likewise to view ads for Komen, Old Navy (Pick Up, Cord Farm) , IKEA (GoCubic), Boomer Coalition, Mitsubishi (Grandis, Colt, EvoIII, Outlander, WRC), Asics (Hero Breath, Kill Bill), and Heineken (Shopping). (Quite a range, eh?)

We then learn about an individual [heroine?] named Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma. Targeted toward MTV’s audience of teenagers, no words are spoken, but the advertisement speaks volumes. (Follow Showcase to Campaigns to MTV. Click on the image to view the video clip.)

And last, although it is not multimedia, take time to read Strawberry Frog’s philosophy at frogism. If ever I need advertising that is different, entertaining, and superb — for the internet and/or traditional media outlets — I am definitely calling Strawberry Frog! Given the range of their campaigns, it is clear that Strawberry Frog has never heard the words “cookie cutter.”

drop (Hong Kong)

Friday, 10 March 2006; 14:18

drop is described as an intimate lounge-style venue and the hottest ticket in Hong Kong. Getting through the door may be as hard as getting past the Pearly Gates, but it’s worth to sample some of Hong Kong’s grooviest DJ’s and fruit-flavored martinis. And, it is supposedly the hang-out place for Manchester United, Robbie Williams, The Cranberries, and The Pet Shop Boys whenever they are in HK.

Distillery Proof Rating = (awaiting membership approval)