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G.I. Joe (Monkeybar TV)

Thursday, 8 February 2007; 10:03

This one is not only for boys still in their childhood, but also grown men who have never outgrown their G.I. Joe action figures. (Girls, you had Barbie and it was a doll.) And, it is a counterpoint to the ever-popular also found here at The Distillery.

The G.I. Joe site is quite impressive. There are games and online cartoons. Also found are comic books, wallpapers, and the now oft’seen TV commercials placed online. However, the latter are not used as the site’s primary content as is seen all too frequently. Kudos to Hasbro’s Monkeybar TV and G.I. Joe for a site well done. (Okay little and big boys alike, let’s play!)

Home page:  G.I. Joe
Cartoons:  G.I. Joe
Home page:  Monkeybar TV

Quite the big gun you have there, Joe.


Catch of the Day (06.02.2007)

Tuesday, 6 February 2007; 11:14

Gorbachev Foundation

Tuesday, 6 February 2007; 10:04

He answered former President Reagan’s call to tear down this wall. In doing so, he effectively ended a war which had occupied my entire lifetime–the Cold War. But, as a man of vision and possibly ahead of his time, Mikhail Gorbachev seems not to now occupy the best of positions in Russian history. That, with the passage of a few more years, may well change–and should. There have been few men as deserving of a memorable place in recent history as Mr. Gorbachev.

Until then, we can still support Mr. Gorbachev through his Gorbachev Foundation. Even better, on March 2, 2007, you can help celebrate a great man’s 76th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gorbachev. And, thank you.

Home page:
Home page:  Gorbachev Foundation


John Edwards for President

Tuesday, 23 January 2007; 13:10

Somewhere between the very well-designed site of Senator Clinton and the relatively sparse site of Senator Obama is the web site of presidential hopeful, Senator John Edwards. And quite frankly, The Distillery does not like the John Edwards site. Why? It looks very old-fashioned in terms of current web design. (Maybe Edwards’ people should talk to Clinton’s people about that.)

In addition, there is little true integration of video content into the overall design of the site. Instead we find a now too-often-seen page of video links. On the other hand, we do find Senator Edwards holding a live online video discussion on January 24th, following the President’s State of the Union address.

In sum, Senator Edwards’ site falls somewhere in between that of his previously mentioned challengers, Senators Obama and Clinton. Were these Democrats’ web sites to determine our next President, Hillary Clinton would win hands-down, but with Senator Edwards occupying the chair of now Vice-President Dick Cheney. (Hey, it’s a given that the Republicans have shot themselves in the feet the past few years. That said, The Distillery is predicting a Democrat landslide come 2008.)

By the way, those of you looking for a more Republican and less liberal view of politics and the world should definitely visit Be certain to tell him SippinWhisky sent you.

Home page:  John Edwards for President


Barack Obama (for President?)

Tuesday, 23 January 2007; 11:16

Oprah loves him. (Isn’t that enough to become President?) He is almost the quintessential American having a home village back in Africa, but having risen to a powerful United States senatorial position in a very short time and at a relatively young age. (Note: His father is actually from the African village, but Senator Obama–his son–is warmly welcomed there as one of their own.) And, most importantly, there has been much speculation about his running for President in 2008.

To gauge the measure of that speculation vs. reality, Senator Obama has created a web site to explore his options and possibilities. However, how does it stack up against who may be his major competitor, Senator Clinton? Quite frankly, although a decent effort, Senator Obama’s web presence is easily trumped by the efforts of Senator Clinton and her team.

Yes, there is an explanatory video at his site. However, different from Senator Clinton, Senator Obama appears not to have fully committed a significant measure of his (possible) campaign to the internet. Although there is not the feeling of his site being incomplete, it does not have the overall integration of design and interactivity found at Senator Clinton’s site. Is that a shortcoming? Maybe or maybe not.

As at his competitor’s site, we do find video about Senator Obama. And again, we find video discussing his possible presidential bid. That is the extent of it. Might I suggest that Senator Obama look closely at one of his most important target audiences and observe their changing information acquisition habits? A greater and more complete web presence is needed for younger voters and possibly some older voters now disenchanted with the current administration. That said, it is still early. Let’s keep an eye on Senator Obama’s site. I suspect “his people” will not be long in recognizing their oversight and mistakes.

Home page:  Barack Obama – Obama Exploratory Committee


The North Face & The N.F. Endurance 50

Sunday, 14 January 2007; 21:56

Dean Karnazes would make Forrest Gump and the late Jim Fixx proud. After running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days (a.k.a. The North Face Endurance 50), he is now running another 3,000 miles across America to get back home. That indeed is endurance.

And, the same can be said for every North Face product I own. My North Face raincoat is now almost 30 years old–after a few lifetime warranty replacements. My North Face luggage is 25 years old and going strong. The same can be said for my North Face sleeping bag. Endurance and The North Face are one.

After you have watched Dean’s video. Then trot on over to The North Face TV. There you will find an abundance of multimedia advertising which also showcases the wonders of nature, the limits of human beings in nature, and some great gear to survive Mother Nature. (The video of the guy skiing just ahead of a huge avalanche is quite amazing. An avalanche right on your butt has to be a major incentive to remain upright and get to the bottom ASAP!)

Home page:  The North Face
Home page:  The North Face Endurance 50
Home page:  The North Face TV


Pearl Harbor Survivors Project

Monday, 11 December 2006; 12:19

They are battle-weary members of America’s “greatest generation.” They are also now growing far fewer in numbers with each passing day. They are the U.S. survivors of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

With each of their deaths, a little bit of history dies. Such is the reason causes like the Pearl Harbor Survivors Project are all the more important. Although many government leaders apparently have not learned the lesson, war is hell, and these remaining members of the greatest generation leave no doubt about that as you watch them tell their stories.

Thank you, veterans of Pearl Harbor and veterans of wars everywhere. After all, all sides fight “with God on their side.”

Home page: Pearl Harbor Survivors Project
Site page:  Survivors’ videos

USS Russell passes in review.
USS Russell’s pass-in-review before the Pearl Harbor survivors

2006 Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony

Monday, 11 December 2006; 11:45

We have all heard of dumb geniuses, right? Well, you will probably not find many such persons among this year’s cadre of Nobel Prize winners. But also, the Nobel Prize committee is not so dumb as not to recognize a changing of the guard online. And just what is meant by that?

Instead of the usual boring fare previously found at the Nobel Prize web site, with one notable exception highlighted here several months ago, we now have an on-demand video presentation of the 2006 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. And at only 71 minutes long, they must have limited the recipients’ time to make their acceptance speeches. (Are any as good as William Faulkner’s acceptance address for the literature award in 1950?) Surely, there had to be more hot air in the Stockholm Concert Hall than that. On the other hand, the relatively short length just might inspire a few future Nobel laureates to have a look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding one of the world’s most valued awards.

Home page:  Nobel Prize
Home page:  Nobel Week 2006 (for more multimedia content)

Alfred Nobel
Photograph of Alfred Nobel

Pantech & RAIN

Thursday, 19 October 2006; 12:16

Okay, so I’m actually looking for a new cell phone after having the present one for five years. One brand I saw compatible with my carrier was Pantech, which is new to me. So, what about its online advertising? I decided that would determine if Pantech would be among my evoked set at purchase time. So, in search of a cell phone . . .

The Distillery instead found RAIN’s first Chinese M/V with Pantech. Also found is one soulful Japanese crooner and a superb dancer. I’ve read mixed reviews about Pantech’s phones, but this promotional music video is absolutely superb. And, how often do you get to select either simplified or traditional Chinese as your subtitles? (Anyone having luck getting into the Chinese version of the site? Although the video is perfectly clean and wholesome, maybe it’s still being “sanitized” by the Chinese government.)

Folks, this one really works. I’m almost ready to diss all the mixed reviews for Pantech cell phones simply because I’m listening to a well-chosen and very pleasant soundtrack right now. Michael Jackson, you may have brought us the moonwalk, but The Distillery is forecasting RAIN. (And yes, that logo below is just the way it was found. Anyone else notice an “E” missing?)

By the way, those interested might also wish to have a gander at the Pantech’s Russian “Your Phone is Too Fat” microsite. Isn’t it becoming a wonderfully small world?

Home page:  Pantech
Home page:  Pantech and RAIN M/V Promotion Site


Gerber 300 (revisited)

Monday, 16 October 2006; 9:45

Addendum (17 Oct 06):  Sometime and somewhere last night, “Gerber 300” was born. SippinWhisky’s Distillery offers a heartfelt congratulations to “No. 300,000,000” and her/his mom and dad.  (BTW, current U.S.A. population = 300,001,857…and counting.)

A reminder (16 Oct 06):  Sometime very soon, America’s population will reach 300,000,000 with the birth of an October 2006 newborn. Gerber 300 has something very special in store for that baby. Check in at the original posting for readers’ comments–and even a comment from a Gerber employee.

Home page:  Gerber 300

Gerber baby face graphic News (Minister Louis Farrakhan)

Tuesday, 19 September 2006; 14:12

I have never been entirely certain what to make of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. However, that is from a perspective of personal beliefs. What about from The Distillery’s perspective? There we find certainty. News and Minister Farrakhan clearly “get” the internet. The site is replete with multimedia content. Might this be a function of a superb orator understanding how to reach people? Quite possibly so. Of significant interest is finding Link TV, described as Television Without Borders and:

…an alternative to the narrow one-sided ‘Middle East’ reporting of CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and others. Visit LinkTV for news from the Direct perspectives of Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Israel, etc.

The Distillery finds a virtual cornucopia of other rich media content. In fact, it finds an example of the very sort of rhetoric (September 11, 2001: Fact and fiction According to Loose Change Documentary) that gives pause to fully endorsing Minister Farrakhan, although he proclaims himself a scholar and vessel of truth. On the other hand, one finds a link to an unedited CBS 60 Minutes interview with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Elsewhere throughout the site, numerous and diverse webcasts, interviews, and podcasts are found.

Whatever your ideological feelings about Minister Farrakhan and his mouthpiece, News, you must agree both are instep with technology as a tool to reach (and preach to) the masses. Both make their messages more accessible than what we find from many Fortune 500 companies. Well done, Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Home page: News
Home page:  The Nation of Islam

H.M.L.Farrakhan meets Cuban leader, Fidel Castro

Steve Irwin (1962-2006) & Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Monday, 4 September 2006; 12:15

Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled. Do not trouble it, don’t harass them, don’t deprive them of their happiness, don’t work against God’s intent.  ~Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

This posting is not about Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. The untimely death of Steve IrwinThe Crocodile Hunter, reminded me of his television predecessor, Marlin Perkins and his television program, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. No greater homage can be paid the The Crocodile Hunter than by including him in what must surely be the most exclusive of all Explorers’ Clubs. There can be little doubt that both Marlin Perkins and Jacques Yves Cousteau are waiting to greet Mr. Irwin at the club’s entrance and extend to him all rights and privileges thereof.  

Thank you for teaching us, Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Every living animal on this earth sheds tears for you this day, especially your beloved crocodiles. May your wife and children find a measure of peace in this time of great sorrow and loss.  

Home page:  Australia Zoo – Home of The Crocodile Hunter
Home page:  Cousteau Society
Home page:  Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom