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Thursday, 16 March 2006; 3:19 treats us to a a unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now.

99rooms stemmed from the mystical, often apolocalyptically charming pictures created by Berlin artist Kim Köster within the countless vacated premises of East Berlin‘s industrial sector. Photos of these paintings were initially produced in digital form and then animated through a cooperative effort between Richard Schumann & Stephan Schulz and then subsequently complemented through a personal sounddesign from Johannes Buenemann. The final product of this year long effort is a scintillating intermediary world which invites the observer into an journey through its morbidly-beautiful rooms.

Distillery Proof Rating = 10!

FilmLoop (Guy Kawasaki)

Tuesday, 14 March 2006; 13:59

FilmLoop is a new [Web 2.0?] photo-sharing startup from Guy Kawasaki. For my money, it beats Flickr hands-down. To use it, you will need to download the FilmLoop player, but therein lies FilmLoop’s beauty. I suggest you also view Guy’s own presentation and explanation of FilmLoop. And last, stop in at the FilmLoop Network. I do believe, just as Guy states in his presentation, FilmLoop will be big.

(Comment: Yahoo must be wishing it had waited a little longer. Instead of Flickr, they could have FilmLoop. So the question is, “Who will acquire FilmLoop within the next 6-12 months? Google? Yahoo, still? Microsoft? An unknown? Who needs it?)

FilmLoop logo

Distillery Proof Rating = ??