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Connexion by Boeing

Friday, 9 June 2006; 14:01

Microsoft forever continues to play catch-up. Fellow WordPress blogger, Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger, commented that Google’s newly announced web-based spreadsheet service might not fit his bill because…well, in his own words:

Also, I’ve learned that the Internet sometimes goes away (like every time I’m on a plane) so keeping files locally is vitally important to most businesspeople who can’t rely on the Internet for their vital data.

(Reference URL for fact-checkers and record-keepers:

Isn’t Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Seattle? And, wasn’t Boeing’s corporate headquarters in Seattle until only a few years ago? Would not such worldwide-located and globally important firms know a little something about each other, especially if the knowledge is not a tip-top-secret threat to national security? Don’t their employees inter-marry? (By the way, kudos to Bill Gates for marrying a fellow Duke alumnae/i.) Didn’t Scoble think to invite any of the likely remaining Boeing employees to his upcoming barbeque? Then why doesn’t an apparently well-spoken, well-traveled, and highly intelligent Microsoft employee know his above statement is not entirely correct? In fact, it’s dead wrong.

I guess it’s up to the The Distillery to correct him–and remind Microsoft it still owes its blogger an Office Suite for a needed favor provided to one of its sales reps ten years ago. (No, I never forget being cheated, especially when it would cost Microsoft essentially nothing to make good on its promise. And again, need Microsoft wonder why it was recently surveyed as being one of the most untrustworthy of corporations? Again, “Duh!”) Robert Scoble, meet Connexion by Boeing. And with that tip from The Distillery, I’m certain we’ll not hear any more excuses for why something did not get finished because you were on a cross-country flight, eh? In fact, you can sign up here.

(Note: Robert, this is not at all intended to be a personal attack on you, but very much so one on Microsoft. I trust you can understand both my ire for being cheated by a Microsoft sales rep, but also my immense respect for you. I also understand my invite to your barbeque “got lost in the mail.” No hard feelings, I hope. In fact, I’ll make sure you get an invite to my fall oyster roast here on the east coast.)

Connexion by Boeing logo

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Sxip (pronounced “skip”)

Monday, 24 April 2006; 9:23

I have a difficult time quickly summing up just what Sxip is. Luckily we have a video, Identity 2.0 by Dick Hardt (Founder & CEO of Sxip Identity), to do it for us.

(Notes: Follow the latter link for other presentation formats. And although the video is far from short, please do try and find time to view it. It is a superb presentation about a very important subject. You might first read what Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing has to say about it.)

Sxip logo Dick Hardt - Web 2.0 presentation

Badluck-o-meter (IF)

Thursday, 20 April 2006; 12:00

Insurance companies almost invariably have a tough time with advertising. They are typically selling products or services that imply negative outcomes, if not death even. And who among us does not wish to avoid that subject? However, the standard solution is to make the consumer aware of the risk, danger, etc., but to then offer a remedy. It is that last part, the remedy, which often makes or breaks an insurance advertisement.

Let us look at IF’s (a Nordic insurance firm) approach to this dilemma. They have addressed consumers’ inherent avoidance of harm, injury, or death in a most unique–and even pleasant manner. At the very least, have a glance at its Badluck-o-meter, but also at some point find the 10 minutes it will take to view the entire presentation. It may just save your life one day.

Ice2O French Door Refrigerator (Maytag)

Monday, 17 April 2006; 13:48

Although Maytag is owned by Whirlpool, it apparently does not listen to Whirlpool’s management or share its skills at online promotions with Whirlpool. Granted, refrigerators are [a tad] more interesting than washers and dryers, but not that much so. Go ahead. Take a tour of the Maytag Ice2O French door refrigerator. I assure you there will be far fewer yawns than there were when we looked at Whirlpool’s washer and dryer.

In fact, Maytag even found a means by which games can be played online with its refrigerator. Now that took some real thinking. Chill-out and enjoy either QuickIce or Stock Me Up. (A “French Door” refrigerator? It does sound awfully fancy, doesn’t it?)

Addendum: Whoa! Check out the Web 2.0/Ajax-powered Compare page.

Maytag logo

“When She’s Hot” (Old Spice)

Thursday, 16 March 2006; 12:49

How about your father’s (or grandfather’s) brand of aftershave — Old Spice? Out of touch with the times, right? Wrong! Enjoy watching the proof, the director’s cut of When She’s Hot.

You can even try your hand at editing the video to create your own cuts by simply dragging and dropping video and sound clips. Then just address and click to send your creations to friends. (It’s superb AJAX-powered Web 2.0 fun.)

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FilmLoop (Guy Kawasaki)

Tuesday, 14 March 2006; 13:59

FilmLoop is a new [Web 2.0?] photo-sharing startup from Guy Kawasaki. For my money, it beats Flickr hands-down. To use it, you will need to download the FilmLoop player, but therein lies FilmLoop’s beauty. I suggest you also view Guy’s own presentation and explanation of FilmLoop. And last, stop in at the FilmLoop Network. I do believe, just as Guy states in his presentation, FilmLoop will be big.

(Comment: Yahoo must be wishing it had waited a little longer. Instead of Flickr, they could have FilmLoop. So the question is, “Who will acquire FilmLoop within the next 6-12 months? Google? Yahoo, still? Microsoft? An unknown? Who needs it?)

FilmLoop logo

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