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Catch of the Day (06.02.2007)

Tuesday, 6 February 2007; 11:14



Tuesday, 6 February 2007; 8:50

Moments before being relegated to the Hall of Shame, these instructional videos were uncovered at Clairol Haircolor.

Home page:  Clairol

Hillary for President

Tuesday, 23 January 2007; 8:57

This is indeed a very different era. We are witnessing changes with politics and the internet as profound was the first televised presidential candidate debate between Nixon and Kennedy. We now have at least three presidential candidates who first disclosed their presidential aspirations via not traditional media outlets, but the internet instead. Of those using the internet, let us first look at Senator and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton.

In a nutshell, Hillary’s people fully get the internet. Senator Clinton’s web site is replete with video and interactivity. In fact, video can be found on every page of the section About Hillary. And, we’re not seeing rehashed TV commercials, either. We’re witnessing a true understanding of the internet and its audiences. It appears we can take Senator Clinton at her word. She is not only beginning a bid for President, but even now is having a “conversation with the American people.” Yes, Hillary gets the internet–and The Distillery’s vote.

Home page:

Tuesday, 12 December 2006; 12:15

Every convicted felon should have it so well. Martha’s felony conviction has obviously not put a single dent in her sales and followers’ shopping. And, she provides a very media-rich web site for her loyal Martha wannabes.

We start with megabytes and megabytes of video from Martha’s video library. Full past shows can be found there. Recipes, of course, can be found there. (I especially liked the one for venison.) In fact, just as in retail stores, virtually everything Martha can be found in her video library.

You will even find video about a GE dream kitchen some lucky Martha lemming will win. And along with much more, but especially given the season, you’ll also find the 12 days of Christmas. All of that is just the beginning. There is enough rich media content at to keep you busy for days.

The Distillery admits is a very easy site to judge. It is excellent. Martha obviously spent her time in prison most productively.

Important note:  Do *not* misspell the site’s name and type in That takes you to a bad place where you will likely pick up computer cooties. I know, I’ve been there.

Home page:

Martha & friends
Martha and fellow inmates out on parole?

Pearl Harbor Survivors Project

Monday, 11 December 2006; 12:19

They are battle-weary members of America’s “greatest generation.” They are also now growing far fewer in numbers with each passing day. They are the U.S. survivors of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

With each of their deaths, a little bit of history dies. Such is the reason causes like the Pearl Harbor Survivors Project are all the more important. Although many government leaders apparently have not learned the lesson, war is hell, and these remaining members of the greatest generation leave no doubt about that as you watch them tell their stories.

Thank you, veterans of Pearl Harbor and veterans of wars everywhere. After all, all sides fight “with God on their side.”

Home page: Pearl Harbor Survivors Project
Site page:  Survivors’ videos

USS Russell passes in review.
USS Russell’s pass-in-review before the Pearl Harbor survivors

2006 Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony

Monday, 11 December 2006; 11:45

We have all heard of dumb geniuses, right? Well, you will probably not find many such persons among this year’s cadre of Nobel Prize winners. But also, the Nobel Prize committee is not so dumb as not to recognize a changing of the guard online. And just what is meant by that?

Instead of the usual boring fare previously found at the Nobel Prize web site, with one notable exception highlighted here several months ago, we now have an on-demand video presentation of the 2006 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. And at only 71 minutes long, they must have limited the recipients’ time to make their acceptance speeches. (Are any as good as William Faulkner’s acceptance address for the literature award in 1950?) Surely, there had to be more hot air in the Stockholm Concert Hall than that. On the other hand, the relatively short length just might inspire a few future Nobel laureates to have a look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding one of the world’s most valued awards.

Home page:  Nobel Prize
Home page:  Nobel Week 2006 (for more multimedia content)

Alfred Nobel
Photograph of Alfred Nobel

Gerber 300 (revisited)

Monday, 16 October 2006; 9:45

Addendum (17 Oct 06):  Sometime and somewhere last night, “Gerber 300” was born. SippinWhisky’s Distillery offers a heartfelt congratulations to “No. 300,000,000” and her/his mom and dad.  (BTW, current U.S.A. population = 300,001,857…and counting.)

A reminder (16 Oct 06):  Sometime very soon, America’s population will reach 300,000,000 with the birth of an October 2006 newborn. Gerber 300 has something very special in store for that baby. Check in at the original posting for readers’ comments–and even a comment from a Gerber employee.

Home page:  Gerber 300

Gerber baby face graphic

Walgreens Pharmacy and Health Corner TV

Monday, 11 September 2006; 16:09

This one was a real surprise. The Distillery never expected to find a such a phenomenal online presence by Walgreens. In fact, there is so much that today you will be pointed to only Health Corner TV, apparently a joint venture between Walgreens and Lifetime Television for Women, and Animated Features, “more than 100 entertaining and informative animated features on topics ranging from allergy, blood pressure, and cosmetic surgery to blinking, Alzheimer’s disease, and the effect of tobacco use on arteries.”

The Distillery admits to having a perception of Walgreens as an old and stogy drug store chain. However, that baseless assumption appears to be totally inaccurate. In fact, and to paraphrase the retort of a well-known physicist after reading someone’s out-in-left-field paper, The Distillery wasn’t even wrong! That is, all expectations were completely off the map. Instead, Walgreens is found to be among the leaders as today’s marketing environment experiences a drastic overhaul. Tomorrow, let’s see how a competitor, Eckerd Pharmacy, stacks up.

Home page:  Walgreens
Home page:  Walgreens Health Corner TV
Home page:  Walgreens Animation Player
Home page:  Lifetime Television for Women
Walgreens weekly advertising insert graphic

Tolerate Mornings (Folgers)

Friday, 25 August 2006; 12:43

Coffee. The holy bean. Seductively addicting. The start of Lloyd’s of London. Possibly second only to oil as an essential fuel. A food group. And from the latest news, a downright healthy one at that.

Where would we be without coffee? Still in bed? At Tolerate Mornings, Folgers goes beyond supplying us our needed morning fix of caffeine. It also provides morning Wake-Up Calls to your cell phone — for free. (Click on the button farthest to the right on the coffee-maker. Then select either Lucy, Sheldon, or the other generic somebody.) So even without Folgers coffee at hand, Folgers Coffee still wakes you up in the morning. (Ya just gotta love marketing.)

There appears to be an application of sorts called the Boss Tracker. I downloaded it, and suspect it allows several users to connect to a server and then each person can pinpoint the boss and have the information appear on each other person’s screen. Interesting and most unique. However, I did not test if fully and that is merely supposition. But before looking at that, instead click on the television to view a Tolerate Mornings “film.” (It looks like a TV ad.)

The Auto-Email Responses are actually not bad, except for a couple of them. They really are believable. And, Snooze-Saver is a screensaver. Another recycled TV ad can be found here. Feel free to sell your soul to Folgers’ marketing department by entering the Enjoy A Second Cup sweepstakes. (Actually, it asks for far less personal information than one typically sees requested. They don’t even ask for your telephone number! But, no P.O. boxes. Darn.)

In all, Tolerate Mornings is not a bad effort by Folgers. It is lame in some respects, but funny, unique, and downright useful in others. Still, I’ll take either my Kona or Costa Rican La Minita Terrazu in the mornings.

Home page: Tolerate Mornings
Home page: Folgers

Folgers Classic Roast coffee graphic Folgers Simply Smooth coffee graphic

Brazilian Girls

Monday, 21 August 2006; 20:03

I know what your first thought was when you saw the post’s title. Shame! You will find no girls gone wild in this posting, but you will discover some interesting music. Anyone signed by Verve has to have something going for them.

It’s not easy to fully categorize the Brazilian Girls’ music, but maybe that’s why The Distillery likes it. There is even the surprise of some songs in French and which are pleasant, even if the lead singer of the Brazilian Girls is no Edit Piaf. And, The Distillery likes the Brazilian Girls for their online videos.

Home page: Brazilian Girls
Home page: Verve – Brazilian Girls

Brazilian Girls photo graphic

“Conjoined at the Head” & “Joined for Life” ( & Figure 8 Films)

Tuesday, 8 August 2006; 16:05

The only time we will be separated is upon our death. ~Lori and Dori Schappell

My college buddy, the man behind and Figure 8 Films, and the producer of Jackie’s Story, now brings us Conjoined at the Head and Joined for Life. (Streaming videos highlighting the programs can be found about one-quarter of the way down each page.) The following are synopses of these amazing programs about even more amazing individuals:

Conjoined at the Head:

Conjoined at the Head explores the life and death challenges faced by craniopagus conjoined twins or those connected at the head. Craniopagus conjoined twins are the rarest and possibly the most difficult to separate. We examine three such sets of twins whose lives unfold in three very different ways.

At 43, Lori and Dori Schappell from Reading, PA are the oldest living female conjoined twins in the world. They have lived their lives conjoined at the side of their heads facing opposite directions.

Joined for Life:

Abby and Brittany Hensel are eleven-year-old conjoined twins (the scientific and politically correct term for Siamese twins). They are intelligent, energetic, fun-loving girls who just happen to share one set of legs and one set of arms – each girl controlling one half of their conjoined body. In their own words, they are “just two people…stuck together.”

In addition, we have the following update about Abby and Brittany from

Conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, are now 16 and driving, in addition to anything else a typical 16 year old would be doing. No dating yet, but they sure do have a lot going on as their enter their Junior year in high school. We are spending the summer with them for a new hour that will be seen on TLC in North America and Channel Five in England. We will post updates and more about airdates and other distribution on our website – and

Update on Jackie’s Story: It has not gone unnoticed the number of people who come to The Distillery for Jackie’s Story. has informed The Distillery that Jackie very recently fell and broke both an arm and a leg. She now faces a new set of challenges.

If you wish to discuss Jackie or any other programs from and Figure 8 Films, be certain to login at the firms’ new forums. There you will find others sharing their stories and the inspiration they received from watching the productions.

And last, be certain to check out Figure 8 Films’ On The Road With 16 Children, featuring the Dugger family. From the producer:

The first Dugger show was one of the highest rated shows ever shown on the Discovery Health Channel. This Sunday, August 6th, you can see all of the Duggar shows ever shown in Prime Time on Discovery Health. (Check your local television program listings for channels and show times.)

Home page:
Home page: Conjoined at the Head
Home page: Joined for Life

Lori and Dori Schappell photo graphic Abby and Brittany Hensel photo graphic (Gerber)

Monday, 7 August 2006; 12:39

Oh, Miss Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!

According to Gerber, a baby will be born sometime in October 2006 and his or her birth will mark the United States’ population reaching 300,000,000. And at the web site, it appears Gerber has something special planned for that milestone baby. What’s in store? That remains unknown given there is now very little at We are told to return on August 10, 2006. Mark your calendars.

Although awaiting its due date, the special site for that special baby already deserves a look. The soft background music of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is most pleasant, especially given it does not repeat ad nauseum. The graphic of a nighttime skyline with twinkling and shooting stars is beautiful and holds at least one secret as of now. Some of the links below the skyline graphic exit the site, but you might enjoy sticking around by clicking on Trivia or Watch TV Commercial.

What more does Gerber plan for that special baby boy or girl? It seems the firm is not yet saying, but The Distillery suspects the parent(s) of that little bundle of joy will be even more pleased with a forthcoming rash of gifts. (Remember to inoculate the little one for the other rashes.) Meanwhile, let’s stay tuned and keep up with the country’s current population count, a running total of which is also found at (As of this posting, it was 299,406,866 people.)

Home page: Gerber
Home page:

Gerber baby logo 02 Gerber newborn graphic Gerber baby and dad graphic